Missions – Central / South America

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Mission Host:
Fundación Pradier

Fundación Pradier is a non-profit institution created with the aim of promoting social-education through music. Launched in 2007, the foundation supports a variety of ongoing projects that range from the production of instruments to educational camps.


Mission Host:

In 2000, Trombonanza began in Santa Fe, Argentina as a regional gathering of South America’s top classical trombonists and tubists. In the years since, the annual festival has grown into a weeklong celebration of low-brass, welcoming more than 150 professionals and students from around the world.


Mission Host:
Conservatorio Plurinacional De Música

Founded in 1906, the Plurinational Conservatory of Music offers a variety of programs in the areas of classical and modern music. Its faculty and administrative body is comprised of 135 members who serve a total of 1067 students registered as of 2017. Since 2013, the conservatory imparts a licenciatura in music positioning itself as the country’s most important formation center of teachers and professionals in the field of classical music.


Mission Host:

With more than a dozen music centers, including its flagship campus in salvador,  Neojiba serves over 4,600 youth in the state of Bahia through its network of youth orchestra nucleos that provides access to free music lessons and ensemble training.


Mission Host:
Liceo Artistico Juan Noe Cravani

The Juan Noe Crevani Artistic School has 500 students of ages ranging from 7 to 18 and offers instruction in strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion, in addition to choir and classical guitar training.


Mission Host:
Toki Rapa Nui (The Easter Island School Of Music & Arts)

The Easter Island School of Music and Arts teaches classical music, including individual instrument instruction and ensemble teaching, while also offering training in traditional rapa nui: ukelele and ancestral song native to easter island.


Mission Hosts:
Colegio De Las Artes Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Liceo Gregorio Cordovez, Fimce Festival

Colegio de las Artes Pedro Aguirre Cerda is a regional school supported by the municipal government of la Serena, which offers music instruction to its student orchestra.

Founded in 1821 by Bernando O’higgins, the Liceo Gregorio Cordovez is the second oldest school in Chile. Within its programs, 100+ students engage in group lesson music instruction. With concerts/workshops, the fimce festival, centered in la Serena, celebrates Jorge Peña Hen’s legacy, recognizing him as a founder in Latin America’s movement of youth orchestras.


Mission Host:
Corporación Amigos De Panguipulli

As a non-profit institution, the mission of Corporación de Adelanto Amigos de Panguipulli is to support and develop the long-term development of the Panguipulli community and its inhabitants. In addition to organizing a series of ongoing music camps, the music education initiative, vive la musica, is among its projects, offering free music training to underserved youth throughout the region.


Mission Host:
Filarmonica Del Santuario

Filarmonica del Santuario (fes) provides access to music education by means of orchestral practice to children and youth afflicted by the guerrilla war. In little over a year since its foundation, the Fes has already offered 30 concerts including an international tour to mexico.


Mission Host:
Somos Capazes

Based in one of Bogota’s most vulnerable neighborhoods, Somoz Capazes is an organization that, in addition to teaching social and environmental awareness, promotes peace by hosting music programs that cultivate teamwork and conflict management.


Mission Host:
Orquesta Filarmonica Juvenil Del Café

Orquesta Filarmonica Juvenil del Cafe offers young musicians an opportunity to receive orchestral training at no cost. It welcomes members from across the “Eje cafetero” of Colombia, a group that includes the cities of Manizales, Pareira, and Armenia.


Mission Hosts:
Encuentro De Cuerdas
Campamento Sinfonico Juvenil Honduras

Encuentro de Cuerdas is a string-focused program that is dedicated to the development of the musical and technical skills of young string players in honduras.

Campamento Sinfonico Juvenil Honduras is an annual initiative run by a coalition of the most important music institutions in Honduras who come together every year to host an orchestral camp. The camp offers local youth from across Honduras the chance to participate in high-level artistic training with international mentors.


Mission Host:
Fundacion Artes Educativas, Coros Y Orquestas De Honduras (FARECOH)

Farecoh is an NGO based in Honduras that is dedicated to offering arts and music programs aimed at high-risk youth. The foundation’s programs aim to prevent them from social risk by fostering activities that promote inclusion and education. In addition, Farecoh offers teaching advancement opportunities certified by the ministry of education.


Mission Hosts:
Orquesta Panameña De Vientos
Orquesta Veraguense De Vientos

Orquesta Panameña de Vientos is Panama´s referent in the training of symphonic band repertoire.  Top talent from around the country is invited to join for intense short term residences held in Panama City at various times during the year. As a result of the impact caused by the 2013 YOA Orchestra of the Americas residence in Santiago, Orquesta Veraguense de Vientos was launched with a mission to develop the symphonic band and wind ensemble repertoire in a city with a long history of military and marching bands.


Mission Host:
Escuela Juvenil De Musica

Founded in 1975, Escuela Juvenil de Musica serves as one of the most important formation centers in music. It offers private instruction in the majority of the symphonic instruments, as well as instruction in theory, solfege, and orchestral training. The school hosts the “Taller de Trombones”, an international trombon symposium attended by 80 students from around the country that features great performers and pedagogues from the usa and the americas


Mission Host:
Asociacion Nacional De Conciertos (ANC)

In over 30 years, the ANC has elevated itself as the most important private organization supporting the nurturing of classical music in the country. In collaboration with Oberlin University, the ANC hosts the annual Campamento Musical Juvenil , an intense orchestral training setting that takes place in ciudad del saber, a former us military compound, Panama serving as an opportunity to Panamanian students from all provinces to access to orchestral repertoire training.


Mission Host:
Fusincopa Panama

Funsincopa’s mission is to enrich and strengthen, through the learning of a musical instrument, the education of youth and children of panama that are found in sectors where their rights are vulnerable. The program also offers professional development training to professors with the goal of motivating them to continue to grow as pedagogues.


Mission Host:
Sonidos De La Tierra

Known for its impact in rural communities across Paraguay, sonidos de la tierra is an innovative music program that is dedicated to social development. Among other innovative youth orchestras, Sonidos is the founder of the landfillharmonic orchestra.


Mission Host:
Asociacion Cultural Arpegio

Operating five nucleos campuses and running four youth orchestras, Arpegio is an organization that provides quality music instruction to the children of Trujillo, Peru.


Mission Host:
Nationale Volksmuziekschool

The Nationale Volksmuziekschool of Suriname supports the development of surinamese youth through access to affordable, high-quality musical training. The conservatory provides lessons and training to more than 250 students.

“This program gave me the skills to take on the world as a citizen musician.”

Aurora Mendez, Violin, Chile (Class of 2013)
Teaching Artist, Union City Music Project