Missions – North America & The Caribbean

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Mission Hosts:
National Institute Of Culture And History
National Youth Orchestra And Choir Of Belize

Nich is Belize’s premier cultural institution. Dedicated to creating an enabling environment for the development, conservation, promotion, expression, and accessibility of culture in all of its diversity, the NYOCB builds civic capacity among the youth of Belize through the arts.


Mission Host:
Sistema New Brunswick

Sistema New Brunswick operates seven music centers around the province of New Brunswick and serves more than 500 students, 5 days a week (3 hours a day). It launched the first Sistema-inspired program in a first nation territory of Canada.


Mission Host:
Midsummer Music Dream Festival

Midsummer Music Dream is a leading music festival in rural Quebec. Its academic component includes a vocal academy, a community choir, and a chamber orchestra formed with volunteers from the community.


Mission Host:
Blume Haiti

For over 25 years, Blume has done a consistent job in nurturing many music camps across Haiti. Sites include the Cemuchca Institute of Music, the Holy Trinity Music School, the Academie Musicale Occide Jeanty, the Dessaix-Baptiste Music School, the Catherine Flon Music School, and others.


Mission Host:
Orquestando Armonia

Orquestando Armonia is a socio-cultural program that supports children adn youth at-risk in the municopio of Boca del Rio. It uses the transformative power of music as a vehicle to cultivate a positive and creative estate of conciousness full of values and aspirations. Orquestando Armonia is one of the 3-axis of action of the philharmonic Boca del Rio.


Mission Host:
Universidad Juarez Del Estado Durango (UJED)

Universidad Juarez del Estado Durango is one of the leading universties in northern Mexico, offering a variety of majors ranging from sciences to arts. The school of music frequently host residences of top international visiting artists.


Mission Host:
Festival Internacional De Música Naolinco

The international music festival of Naolinco takes place each summer in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The festival combines didactic workshops and master-classes with community-focused performances that are led by invited guests and teaching artists.


Mission Host:
Esperanza Azteca

Esperanza Azteca is a music organization that offers free music instruction to children ages five to seventeen. It currently runs 86 youth orchestras in three different countries (Mexico, Guatemala, and USA) with 1,300 teachers serving more than 16,000 children.


Mission Host:
Orquesta Filarmonica Tlaxcallan

Orquesta Filarmonica Tlaxcallan is an initiative that offers an opportunity for the orchestral training of students from the region before they become members of professional orchestras around the country.


Mission Host:
Festival Allegra

By scheduling residences for artists traveling from abroad at diverse musical institutions in the country, Festival Allegra offers opportunities for the Mexican youth to access high-quality musical training by scheduling residences for artists traveling from abroad at diverse musical institutions in the country. Each year, Festival Allegra hosts an orchestral camp with nearly 100 participants and faculty joining together in a variety activities.


Mission Host:
Suzuki Violin Association

This association was formed in 1981 with the intention of developing and promoting music education in accordance with the Suzuki method and philosophy. Currently the association is comprised of approximately forty families with children ages three and up who study violin with the participation of their parents.


Mission Host:
Bravo Waterbury!

Bravo Waterbury! Is an intensive after-school music education program for students in the children’s community school and the brass city charter school in Waterbury, Connecticut.


Mission Host:

Kidznotes is a Sistema inspired, after school program that serves approximately 330 public school students in grades pre-k – 12. It partners with eight Title 1 elementary schools between Raleigh and Durham, which have a racial composition of roughly 50% african american, 35% hispanic, and 15% caucasian.


Mission Host:
Metropolitan Youth Symphony

MYS provides music education and percormance opportunities for young musicians of all ages and levels of experience. Entering its 44th year. MYS enrolls over 500 youth from the Portland Metro and SW Washington areas in 13 ensembles including orchestra, band, jass, percussion ensemble and strings. Additionally, MYS offers theory classes and a beginning strings program for students under-served schools. MYS has a strong financial aid program that welcomes all students regardless of circumstances, and a school outreach program that performs 15 concerts each season to 5,000 local school students.


Mission Host:
Kipp DC Charter Schools

Kipp is a nonprofit network of college-preparatory public charter schools that educate elementary, middle, and high school students. The schools have a 20-year track record of preparing students in educationally underserved communities for success in college and life thereafter.


Mission Host:
St. Croix Foundation

St. Croix foundation is an organization that is set on encouraging greater philanthropic activity, marshaling resources, and acting as an overall catalyst to benefit the people of the US Virgin Islands. With the support of other key local stakeholders, the foundation sponsors a global leaders-led music camp welcoming students from three local schools.

“This program gave me the skills to take on the world as a citizen musician.”

Aurora Mendez, Violin, Chile (Class of 2013)
Teaching Artist, Union City Music Project